Dr. Katya Denisova came  to USA from St. Petersburg, Russia where she was a member of Dance Ensemble "MOLODOST"("Youth").  Initially, Kalinka focused primarily on traditional Russian dancing. However, with time dances from Belarus, Poland, Israel, Ukraine, Moldova, Finland, Greece, and other countries were added to the repertoire. Katya teaches classical and character dance and studies various styles of Eastern European dancing. Dr. Denisova is the choreographer of the most dances in Kalinka's repertoire. Katya's specialty is staging character dances- dance miniatures that tell engaging stories via the use of stage movement and pantomime. Katya holds a Doctorate Degree in K-12 Education and has 20+ experience working with American and international youth. She was featured in VoyageBaltimore November 2021 in "Local Stories" section. Click HERE to read full interview. 

In December 2021, Maryland Public Radio interviewed Katya on Kalinka's story in Baltimore. Follow this LINK to listen to the podcast.