Kalinka dancers represent over 20 different nationalities and ethnicities. We are united by our passion for Russian and Eastern European dance as a form of traditional art. As American citizens, we operate by the principles of inclusion, acceptance, and appreciation of ethnic and linguistic differences as expressed through folk choreography. We believe that culture transcends politics and outlives political trends and regimes. With the mission of preserving and disseminating Russian and Eastern European folk dance traditions in the United States, we study and perform folk dances of Russia and other countries. We create new choreography influenced by our knowledge of historical dances, classical ballet, modern dance styles, and our own creativity.

During this time of terrible tragedy in Ukraine, we initiate and actively participate in humanitarian performing arts projects to support the Ukrainian people. We also continue to offer dance performances celebrating the diverse heritage of Russia and other countries of Asia, Easter­n and Central Europe. We believe in the mission of arts to uplift and unite people around the world, preserve cultural identities, and promote peace. 

Images: Finale of the European Kaleidoscope Show,  in collaboration with Carpathia Dance Ensemble. February 2017

Finale of the Kalinka's 20th Anniversary Show, Carrol County Arts Center, April 2022.